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Hearts Go Wander

A Shipper Music Video Challenge Community

Hearts Go Wander: A Shipper Video Challenge Commun
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All Members , Moderated
This is a Shipper Music Video challenge community run by Nikayla [shushu_glenn]

A video challenge will be posted each week. Challenges will run for one full week, with the next challenge being posted shortly after voting for the previous challenge goes up!

Each week I will post either a song, an artist or band, a specific show or shipper couple or any combination there in for you to make videos of. On occasion I will post bonus challenges with a particular song and shipper couple (or show) for everyone to make a video of.

Videos should be uploaded to your Photobucket in a private album. When voting commences they should be uploaded to YouTube for easier viewing by those with slower modems, etc.

Rules for Entering:
* Videos must fit YouTube/Photobucket standards for length and content.
* You MUST be a member to enter a video.
* Please do not submit videos other people have made as your own.
* Please do not post your video anywhere else until voting has closed.

Rules for Voting:
* Voting is screened.
* You DO NOT need to be a member to vote.
* Vote for your top 3 videos.
* If you vote for more or less than 3 videos, your vote will not be counted.
* Voting is weighed, so you need to vote in order of preferance.
* DO NOT ask your friends to vote for you.
* DO NOT vote for yourself.

For the layout [w/editing by me]: damnicons