Nikayla Rose (loving_nancy) wrote in heartsgowander,
Nikayla Rose

Hiatus---Undecided Amount of Time

Ok so...this community must have like...tumbleweeds a-blowing through it. So far I've had 2 videos [total] entered across the 3 challenges I've posted. That's 1 in Challenge 1, and 1 in Challenge 2. Snore. So I'm putting it on hiatus until I can get some more advertising done and perform some serious CPR. If any of y'all are actually interested in posting videos...not just looking and/or voting PLEASE comment here so I can see how many individuals I may have entering once I take the comm off of hiatus. Also...if there's some element to the community that is turning everyone off from it or something..please don't be shy. I can't fix things if I don't know that they are wrong. :-)

Tags: hiatus
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